Update: The Kherson Front

Ukrainian offensive in occupied Kherson gains ground.
Antonivsky Bridge in Kherson after Ukrainian airstrikes

On July 27 we reported on Ukraine’s efforts to take back Kherson from Russian forces, signifying a turning point in the war where Ukrainians shifted their focus from defense to offense. Now, it seems Ukrainian forces are making great strides towards that goal. Part of the Ukrainian offensive is to sabotage transportation routes in and out of the city, specifically bridges. The Antonivsky Bridge, a primary target in that attack (shown above), has since disabled the important crossing.

On August 6, the self-proclaimed Deputy Head of the Russian administration in Nova Kakhovka in Kherson was assassinated by Ukrainian forces. Then, Volodymyr Saldo, the Russian appointed head of Kherson, was put into a medically-induced coma following a suspected poisoning.

Since being able to hold back further encroachment west past Kherson, Ukraine has been able to launch grain shipments from the nearby port of Odessa, supplying sorely-needed countries across the Middle East and Africa with hunger relief.


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