Turning Point: Taking Back Kherson

It’s now been over five months since Putin’s baseless invasion of Ukraine. But this week, something changed. Ukrainian military officials recently stated that they’ve hit a crucial “turning point” in the war: they have begun to switch from defensive maneuvers to offensive attacks on Russian-held cities. 

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine. In an interview with Ukrainian TV, Sergiy Khlan, aide to the administrative head of the Kherson region, said, “We can say that a turning point has occurred on the battlefield. We are switching from defensive to counter-offensive actions. We can say that the Kherson region will definitely be liberated by September, and all the occupiers’ plans will fail.”

Kherson, a vital port city, was one of the first places to fall during the initial weeks of the Russian invasion. Reclaiming the Kherson region would be part of Ukraine’s strategy of taking out Russian command posts, artillery deposits and supply lines. One of these tactics includes targeting bridges in and out of Kherson over the Dnipro River, which would effectively strangle major Russian supply lines in and out of the occupied city.

Credit: Al Jazeera

Ukrainians are staving off a totalitarian invasion from a so-called world power in the face of tremendous adversity. This is because Ukraine has everything to lose – and they’ve already lost so much: their safety, their homes, their families, even their lives. And yet, the people of Ukraine fight on, defending their sovereign nation against Putin’s regime.

Plans to retake the region have been aided by several other nations across the world sending high-capacity, long-range  weapons to Ukrainian forces to fight Russia. This act itself shows how unpopular the war is: Russia’s tireless pro-invasion propaganda isn’t making a dent in the truth. The world knows Putin is wrong. Support for Ukraine’s resistance is stronger than ever as we head into month six of Putin’s war.


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