SARFAN is focused on addressing Russian aggression as it shows up in current world events. We aim to expose their lies, misinformation, and propaganda.

Recent Articles

Lessons From A Humble Doll

Reader submitted ideas brought to life by our artist. A fun idea involving the traditional Russian nesting doll.

A Lovely Bride and Groom

A rendering of a shared history often overlooked. Lessons learned from World War 2 that should be remembered. Also a funny drawing I suppose.

A Putin Family Photo

Let’s just say the Russian in this image is quite inappropriate.

You Can’t Spell USSR Without SS

SARFAN fans! Submissions from readers are always appreciated, we love engaging with our audience and the content you provide helps inspire us and contributes to

Passing the Torch

SARFAN fans! A reader contributed this piece to us sometime ago and we wanted to highlight it again given some of Russia’s recent actions. I