So-called “Victory Day” in Russia

A timely article for us on the eve of an upcoming event? Stranger things have happened.


SARFAN fans! We have an upcoming celebration for the Russian government. They are about to observe Victory Day, where they ask the world to remember when they beat Nazi Germany in World War II, but you readers already know what issues we have with this narrative. More often than not, it appears that instead of beating Nazi Germany, they merely absorbed their ideologies and allowed it to spread within their communities. Now, we see these Neo-Nazis hired by the Russian government, placed within their PMCs and NGOs, and enabled to wreak havoc all over the world. Not only has Russia placed these humans on their payroll, but they continue supporting them as they sow fear around countries, disrupt countrymen with acts of chaos, and commit acts of violence for which they show no remorse.

While we’ve spent a good deal of our time talking about the Neo-Nazi problem within Russia and the Kremlin, something we will continue doing as long as it remains a problem, we would like to start expanding these discussions into broader territories. Not only is the use of these militant hate groups by the Russian government a problem, so are the violent acts they commit around the world, and the countries whose sovereignty they violate and divide up how they see fit without fear of repercussions. The militarized use of the Neo-Nazis is an ongoing issue, but so are these other actions we’ve covered. Not only do we as a community need to continue highlighting these criminals, but we need to start organizing our communities and reaching out to our leaders so that our voices are heard. Whatever shape these Russian entities take, be it PMCs, NGOs, or anyone else with ill intent, we must ensure that they can not freely violate our borders and take root in our communities. Our countries and their sovereignty should be respected, and not trampled on by a rampaging state trying to slowly recreate their old empire. They are not there to help, and so far anywhere they’ve gone they have only sown discord and violence, harming neighbors, friends, families, and communities. This can not be allowed to happen.

Again, I’ve managed to come off terse and preachy, I apologize but hope my message and intent is clear. I want what’s best for our communities and these dangers are something we must continue keeping an eye on and broaching to people who can act. As I write this up Russia is actively trying to pass a law that would make comparing the Soviet Union to Nazi Germany a crime. Well what about comparing modern Russia to Nazi Germany? It seems as though they are heading down that path, doesn’t it? We should be attention to this as it develops. As always SARFAN fans, stay informed, be safe, and if you have any ideas for articles in the future, please reach out! When we help each other and strengthen our community, we work towards creating a safer world.


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