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SARFAN fans! As you all know, we try to empower our readers so that they can identify radical ideologies as they spring up, and in some cases that requires due diligence and research. In an effort to help you wonderful people with these endeavors, we’ve compiled a small list of search terms that might help aid you in your research. These terms are in Russian with a brief explanation of what they’ll bring up or what they’re involved in, and these will typically lead you down a rabbit hole of right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis so be aware that this is research is not for the faint of heart.

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Russian neo-Nazi groups, associated VK web pages:

РОНС – Россия Освободится Нашими Силами

Веселый Курт Шнапс – Russian language web page venerating German Nazi history, posts more current racist content

Чурки – Russian derogatory term for non-Russians on these web pages

Alexander Barkashov  – the leader of the Русскоe Национальноe Единствo (РНЕ) – Russian National Unity (RNU) movement – one of the oldest Russian neo-Nazi groups going back to the end of the CCCP

Русская Служба Новостей (PCH) – RNU-backed online news service


14/88 – 14 stands for 14 words regarding propagating white race – 88 stands for Heil Hitler, as in H is the 8th letter in the English alphabet

Russian Imperial Movement (RIM):

Русское Имперское Движение

Центр “Партизан” – RIM’s web page seeking to enlist students for its paramilitary camps in Russia

Денис Гариев – Denis Gariev – Partizan camp system leader

Станислав Воробьев – Stanislav Vorobyev – RIM leader

Имперский Легион – Imperial Legion is RIM’s armed wing

Russian exile neo-Nazi search terms:

WhiteRex – white supremacist themed clothing brand – exiled Russian neo-Nazis try to sell associated clothing to raise money for comrades in jail in Russia

WOTANJUGEND – exiled Russian neo-Nazi group in Ukraine – anti-Putin

US neo-Nazis and white supremacists and/or groups, venerated by Russian white supremacists, who appear on Russian neo-Nazi pages:

Matt Koehl or Мэтт Кёль – Succeeded Lincoln Rockwell as head of US Nazi Party – renamed it New Order

Куклус Клан (KKK)

Уильям Пирс – Wrote the Turner Diaries that inspire US and Russian Nazis – and Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh – led the National Alliance

Джордж Линкольн Роквелл – Founder of the US Nazi Party – assassinated in 1967

Neo-Pagan, ethno-centrist terms:


Бог Сварог

Russian mercenary search terms- sometimes contains racist content:



Банистан- Russian slang term for “traveling overseas” – going to Libya, probably Syria, etc


Чвк – Russian acronym for private military and security company

There you have it SARFAN fans, some search terms to help you start your own research into these hateful ideological groups. While it might not be enjoyable work, and you won’t get a pat on the back for taking the time to look into these groups, the job is important and we have to maintain vigilance and know what to look for so that we can identify these hate groups when they start trying to rally others to their cause. We hope that with your research you’ll reach out to us and help us continue shining a light on these groups in the future! Again, we always appreciate submissions from you guys and please don’t hesitate to reach out. As always, stay informed, be safe, and if you have any ideas for articles in the future, please reach out!


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