Russia Insists Estonian Diplomat Guilty of Espionage, Releases Slick Video as Proof

SARFAN Community, we’re digging int he archives for some old news stories that we feel didn’t recieve much attention. We hope to remind ourselves of these interesting events to see if we can learn more from them with the benefit of hindsight. Some of the news in question:

Russia has declared Estonian diplomat Mart Lätte persona non grata, then released an over-edited video which supposedly shows Lätte strolling into St. Petersburg State Polytechnic Institute to chat with about Artic materials. The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) insists he was attempting to access classified information.

Russia has struggled to play nice with others this year. In April, Ukrainian consul Alexander Sosonyuk was detained in the same city for similar charges. Russia recommended Sosonyuk leave the country, and Sosonyuk took his “clear hostile nature” elsewhere.

Estonia applied (but was not approved) as an observer to the Arctic Council in late 2020.  Russia is the Chair of Council for the Arctic Council until 2023.


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