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Russia Found Guilty of Murder of Alexander Litvinenko


Litvinenko suffering in a hospital, his murderer casually wearing a jacket and button-up.

Litvinenko suffering in a hospital, his murderer casually wearing a jacket and button-up.

SARFAN Community, surprising news, the European Court of Human Rights has found Russia responsible for the murder of someone they found problematic. Russia murdering a perceived enemy in cold blood on foreign soil and then vehemently denying the action for years? How unlike them! Obviously I’m joking, because as we all know this is Russia’s standard method for handling their critics. Alexander Litvinenko was one such critic. Being a former FSB officer who fled Russia for the UK where he became a fierce critic of Putin of course ruffled feathers. Russia couldn’t stand having a former FSB officer regarded as an authority on Russia’s actions and then openly criticize their actions. So they had two of their thugs, Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun, poison him in London on November 1st and after falling ill he was hospitalized and then died on November 23rd.

Russia’s aggressive actions on foreign soil, murder and assassinations, even invasions and brutal mercenary-led occupations, are continuing and the international community is only slowly starting to take actions against them. We as a community must rally together to ensure more actions are taken and changes happen so that we can prevent our own friends and family from suffering similar fates. The world is a dangerous place and Russia isn’t helping with that situation. Please continue to reach out to us with issues and submissions worth discussing and shining a light on. We all have work to do and we all must do our part. As always stay safe, stay informed, and stay engaged.

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