Russia Accuses Scientist of Treason… Again

Russia Decides to Accuse a Scientist of Treason, Hypocrisy Ensues.

SARFAN Community, we all know we like to point out the hypocrisy of Russia here. Like many nations that abuse their power, they tend to follow a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ policy. Russia has yet again accused a foreign scientist of espionage, in their latest of a string of spying accusations. The ‘spy’ in question was Alexander Kuranov, the director of the Hypersonic System Research Institute (HSRI) in St. Petersburg. He was arrested in Moscow and charged with providing classified information to foreign citizens. In completely unrelated news, Russian President Valdimir Putin heralded the arrival of hypersonic weapons back in 2018, implying the weapons were powerful enough to reach targets in the United States. Kuranov is an expert in hypersonic technology, and he was working on a concept that would allow weapons to conserve and recycle energy at high velocities until his arrest. Given what we have seen with these recent hypersonic incidents, it seems like an odd series of events to have taken place. What do you all think?


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