Recognizing Symbols of Hate: Algiz/Elhaz Life Rune

The Nordic Life Rune known as Algiz or Elhaz.The Nordic Life Rune known as Algiz or Elhaz.

The Nordic Life Rune known as Algiz or Elhaz.

SARFAN fans! We’ve explored in the past the Neo-Nazi affinity for runic symbols, and today we will take a look at the Nordic life rune known as Algiz or Elhaz. The initial adoption of the Nordic runes by Nazi Germany was part of the propaganda they used to glorify their ancient Aryan history. They hoped that using the runes and creating this link would help their regime invigorate their people with a warped sense of pride to help spread their twisted ideology. One of these runes was the life rune known as either Algiz or Elhaz. In early Europe the rune was associated with elks, stags, and hunting. It had also been a symbol of honor, nobility, and protection. It was eventually corrupted by the Nazis, much like the swastika, and used by their troops. One notable instance of the rune’s usage was with the Lebensborn project, which encouraged raising the birth rate of Aryan children of persons classified as ‘racially pure’ and ‘healthy’ based on Nazi racial hygiene and health ideology.  This also lead to the kidnapping of children perceived as Aryan by SS forces and brought back to Germany to be raised as Germans.


Usage by Neo-Nazi groups now is mostly associated with the original Nazi usage, as another means of displaying their ideologies in a somewhat benign way at first glance. While not always a sure symbol of hatred, when used by certain groups you can use the totality of evidence before you to determine if they’re worrisome or not. Case in point, our favorite examples the Russian Mercenaries of Wagner group, who along with other symbols we’ve covered in the past also emblazon the life rune on their vehicles. We keep repeating the point, but that is because it bears repeating. Recognizing these symbols of hate is one component of solving the problem, once we identify these hate groups and see them operating out in the open, we must dismantle whatever apparatus helps to enable them in the first place. With Wagner this is difficult because their evil Neo-Nazi ideology is openly supported by the whole Russian state. While this might sound hyperbolic, you just have to take a look at how they are used by the Russians to further their foreign policy goals. They assemble these Neo-Nazi bands, equip them with weapons and vehicles that they decorate with their Neo-Nazi iconography, and then send them overseas to fight people they hate. Once they stop operating overseas, they’ll come back to Russia and then their government will likely use them with more local objectives like the developing crises here in Europe. We here at SARFAN would like to nip this problem and other developings ones in the bud before we struggle against an evil force as strong as the original Nazi regime of the 1940’s. Maybe we’re over-reaching, but if we all band together and make an effort to hold these groups accountable or work to dismantle them, then maybe we can make a difference that will help save our communities from the boot of these evil ideologies. As always, stay informed, be safe, and if you have any ideas for articles in the future, please reach out!


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