Recognizing Symbols of Hate: Neo-Nazi SS Bolts

Neo-Nazis don’t like to stray too far from the source material, this goes for both their ideology and their iconography. So it should be no surprise that they adopted the SS Bolts used by the Schutzstaffel (SS) of the Nazi Party and make use of it within their groups. Led by Heinrich Himmler, the SS were responsible for maintaining the police state of Nazi Germany, acted as elite soldiers in the army, and guarded the concentration camps.

SS Bolt Graffiti used by Russian Mercenary Group Wagner, seen in Libya.SS Bolt Graffiti used by Russian Mercenary Group Wagner, seen in Libya.

SS Bolt Graffiti used by Russian Mercenary Group Wagner, seen in Libya.

Much like a lot of Nazi iconography the SS bolts were derived  from an ancient runic alphabet, something we here at SARFAN plan on delving further into at another time. As white supremacist and Neo-Nazis movements grew and adopted Nazi symbols, the use of the SS bolts began to rise. Like other hate symbols, you see them used as tattoos, badges and emblems on their clothing, and used to deface property to spread their hateful message. Seeing and recognizing these symbols will continue to help us remain vigilant and report any usage to the proper authorities, and hopefully our anti-hate movement will start making a difference to combat these terrible groups.

This fact continues to be important when you realize that these hate groups are being supported by nations and other institutions of power. People with these hateful ideologies are being trained and put into groups, equipped with military equipment and sent to fight in foreign lands to help achieve foreign policy goals. Russian is a frequently implicated in acts like these and has been caught red-handed using various Neo-Nazi groups to build up their mercenary armies that they send overseas. Groups like Wagner in Libya can be seen fighting for Russia and while spreading their message of hate, leaving behind Neo-Nazi graffiti all over towns they’ve destroyed. Someone has to hold them accountable and we hope we can start that conversation and make a difference.

As always, we hope you all reach out to us if you feel the same way and would like to start making a difference. We hope to continue spreading this message and helping everyone recognize the unfolding threat of militarizing hate groups.


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