Putin’s Preposterous Propaganda Presser

Putin dodges questions, denies poisoning, and just generally continues to be a bad guy on the world stage.

SARFAN Community! Our Media Department (one person who does this for fun in their free time), came up with another parody following Putin’s back peddling and question dodging during his propaganda filled press conference. We always enjoy poking fun at our favorite punching bag, but our message is sincere, Putin and his cronies make appeals on the international stage to legitimize their thuggish actions against neighboring countries. We can not forget what they have done to Ukraine, and what they continue doing all over the world as they try to expand their empire. As we build and strengthen our community, please continue to stay informed, be safe, and as always reach out to us with any subjects you want us to tackle. When we help each other and strengthen our community, we work towards creating a safer world.



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