Putin’s Plan Backfires: NATO Expands

When Putin and his regime began their invasion of Ukraine in February, they alleged that a driving factor was to stop the country’s attempt to join NATO, seeing its expansion as a threat to Russia’s power in the region. 

We now know that this so-called plan has dramatically backfired: two of Russia’s closest neighbors, Finland and Sweden, simultaneously put in their formal application to join NATO last week, in reaction to The Kremlin’s ruthless pursuit of greater power in eastern Europe. 

It is clear what other countries think about Russia’s senseless and ongoing assault on the Ukraine. Not only do they disapprove from afar, but they are taking unprecedented steps to secure their countries against any future attack by Russia. And the historically neutral country of Switzerland has now approved CHF 80 million in aid to Ukraine. 

What does it say that these countries, some of which used to belong to Russia themselves, have taken drastic steps to not only distance themselves, but speak out and defend themselves? It says that Putin is fighting a notoriously unpopular war with the world looking on in disgust. It also asks the question: how does Russia presume they will reenter the world, once the fighting has stopped? Putin has alienated Russians from the world, relying on propaganda and censorship to force support, while the world puts up their guard against The Kremlin.

In addition to this news, Moldova, the small country to the west of Ukraine, applied to become part of the European Union in March. Read our most recent article here for more on the status of Moldova in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine: https://sarfan.org/the-kremlin-creep-expansion-into-moldova/ 


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