Profiles of Hate: Alexei Milchakov

SARFAN Fans! In addition to promoting awareness of groups and other problems our communities are facing from advocates of these hateful ideologies supported by Russia and it’s government, we’d like to start a series that highlights the worst of these individuals. What we hope to achieve by showcasing these criminals is the hypocrisy of the Russian government in allowing these people to openly serve in their state-sponsored organizations and armies, fighting under a Russian banner, while also actively spreading their hateful neo-fascist ideologies to every land they visit. We would especially welcome correspondence from the SARFAN community in highlighting other individuals of this nature so that we can continue shining a light on this terrible secret that the international community seems to ignore or brush aside.

Neo-Nazi Sadist Alexei MilchakovNeo-Nazi Sadist Alexei Milchakov

Neo-Nazi Sadist Alexei Milchakov

The first individual we’d like to identify in this series is Alexei Milchakov. A quick google search will show you what kind of monster we’re dealing with here, but we’ll try to capture the highlights. A Russian neo-Nazi who fought in Donbas, Milchakov had been troubled as a youth. In 2012, at the age of 20, he gained notoriety when he posted images of himself with a puppy whose head he cut off and ate. After that Milchakov constantly posed with Nazi banners and called on people to kill down-and-outs and dogs in St Petersburg, promoting an ideology that was intolerant of people and animals deemed useless and fueled by hate.

Milchakov served as a paratrooper in the airborne Pskov unit before meeting fellow neo-Nazi Yan Petrovsky, another notorious sadist who went by ‘Veliky Slavyan’ or Big Slav. The two struck a morbid friendship based on their shared ideology and formed Rusich, an illegally armed neo-Nazi volunteer mercenary group that fought in Donbas. Petrovsky is another individual we will be following up with as this series progresses because it’s people like this who are dangerous and their evil acts need to be identified so we can raise awareness and stop them before they commit more atrocities like these two participated in.

Once Rusich was formed, they were armed by supporters of their cause, some say enabled by the Russian government itself, and then sent off to Donbas to provide support for the situation there. Their time there was as sadistic as you’d expect, as seen in one account of their actions:

“On September 5, 2014, the ‘Rusich’ fighters ambushed and killed a column of Aidar Volunteer Battalion fighters near Metallist.  They are believed to have beaten and tortured those who had survived the original shootout, with none left alive.  The Russian neo-Nazis then photographed themselves against the men’s mutilated bodies.  Milchakov was seen cutting off the ear of one of their victims. The videos have all been removed from YouTube due to their monstrous content, however copies will certainly have been retained and will, hopefully, one day receive appropriate assessment from the International Criminal Court.  There remain taped interviews in which the men admitted to the actions, if not going into detail, and clearly view their involvement in the fighting as something to ‘boast’ about.”

This incident goes to show the importance of identifying these hateful ideologies early and stopping their spread. These neo-Nazis showed clear signs of trouble in their youth and were never helped or stopped, and then as they grew up they were further enabled and committed the evil actions identified above. We must not let actions like this go unaddressed or unpunished and do out best to have the powers that be act to prevent more crimes like this from being committed.

In March 2015 both Milchakov and Petrovsky were part of a delegation that participated in a forum in St. Petersburg which was mainly made up of Russian and European far-fight and neo-Nazi parties. Then in September they were brought into the Donetsk People’s Republic by the former prime minister Alexander Borodai. Here they worked with ENOT Corps to train and militarize the youth, teaching them how to shoot and preparing them for war.

Milchakov is currently a war criminal still at large, wanted by the Ukraine to face charges for his war crimes. He’s been seen associating with mercenary group Wagner and rumors of him fighting in Syria are prevalent as well. We hope bringing more attention to this individual helps bring him to justice.

As we wrap up this entry we just want to express again how we always appreciate submissions from you guys so please send your contributions to us, especially if you have any additional information concerning these individuals or suggestions for future coverage because we plan on turning this into another series. As always, stay informed, be safe, and if you have any ideas for articles in the future, please reach out!


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