Profiles of Hate II: Yan Petrovsky

War Criminal Yan PetrovskyWar Criminal Yan Petrovsky

War Criminal Yan Petrovsky

SARFAN Fans! As we stated in the last entry, this new series, Profiles of Hate, will be giving brief overviews of some of the most notorious individuals committing atrocities under the banner of their hateful ideologies and fully enabled by Russia and it’s government, something we hope to stop with the help of you guys and all our combined efforts. We continue to welcome correspondence from the SARFAN community in highlighting other individuals of this nature so that we can continue shining a light on this terrible secret that the international community seems to ignore or brush aside.

In the last entry on Alexei Milchakov we briefly mentioned his friendship with Yan Petrovsky, and today we’d like to dive a little deeper into Petrovsky. As a member of Milchakov’s Rusich, the two fought together in Donbas and throughout eastern Ukraine from 2014-2015. It was here that they were both accused of war crimes for torturing and killing POWs from the Ukrainian Aidar Volunteer Battalion. They then both participated in the International Russian Conservative Forum in St. Petersburg that was attended by several far-right and neo-Nazi groups. During their time back in Russia they were interviewed by several news outlets and painted as volunteer heroes, fighting in the Ukraine for a good cause and supporting humanitarian efforts. These thinly veiled propaganda efforts were far from the truth as these two sadistic neo-Nazis were war criminals and committing atrocities with the support of the Russian state.

As a youth, Petrovsky’s mother married a Norwegian and he emigrated there with her. In October 2016 he was arrested in Tonsberg, Norway, and faced deportation to Russia. Norwegian police gave him 2 days to get out and revoked his residency permit, as he was a Russian citizen living in Norway.The Norwegians were also concerned abot his connections to the Norwegian Soldier of Odein neo-Nazi groupl in February 2016 he took part in the group’s ‘patrols’ to ensure public order, a fear tactice emulating the Nazi’s they idolize so much. While facing deportation to Russia, Ukraine made a case to get him instead so that he could actually face the consequences of his war crimes in the country he committed them. Despite these accusations and evidence of Rusich, Milchakov, and Petrovsky’s war crimes, he lives freely in St. Petersburg where he works as a paramilitary instructor for Rusich as of November 2020. In November 2016, Russia refused to allow the International Criminal Courts to prosecute its citizens for war crimes.

How blatant does it have to be? These neo-Nazis were armed and supplied by the Russian government, sent overseas to fight in a war that benefitted Russia, and then faced no consequences for their actions, even being openly defended by the government when they were threatened with prosecution. More has to be done to hold these groups and organizations accountable and we hope the SARFAN community can help in these endeavors.  

As we wrap up another entry in this series we want to emphasize how much your contributions help us shine a light on these individuals and their criminal organizations. Any further information you all have is always welcome and we encourage you to reach out to us so that we can put something together. As always, stay informed, be safe, and if you have any ideas for articles in the future, please reach out!


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