Politics of Hate: Public Faces, Hidden Agendas

SARFAN fans! In an effort to continue bringing attention to hate groups flying under the radar, we’ve been thinking about highlighting groups that are more public yet escaping scrutiny. In this series we hope to enlighten our audience to groups that try to leverage politics to push their agendas while masking their true intentions. As you can imagine it’s a tricky subject and we don’t want to make baseless accusations but a lot of these groups can be broken down pretty cleanly when you see how their actions reveal their true intentions. Another important part of recognizing neo-fascist ideologies is being able to nip these groups in the bud before they can get enough traction to become full-blown political entities, because at that point they almost become a systemic problem that’s harder for small grass-roots groups like ourselves to fight. We’ve already seen small groups blossom into political parties that have a wide base of constituents and are already pushing their agenda within their countries, hoping they can shape a future that is more inline with their warped ideologies. Because these political parties can be found everywhere, we invite our audience to suggest any specific groups they’d like to see highlighted. We have a short list ready but as always we welcome your suggestions and collaboration to fully address the problems we see as a community. As always, stay informed, be safe, and if you have any ideas for articles in the future, please reach out!

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