Oleg Muzyka and His Problematic Acquaintances

A preview of our dive into Oleg Muzyka’s Kremlin and Neo-Nazi connections.

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Oleg Muzyka doing his best to appear normal.Oleg Muzyka doing his best to appear normal.

Oleg Muzyka doing his best to appear normal.

In regards to a post we had earlier last week, we had a reader from Germany inform us of a unique interview with Oleg Muzyka conducted by Russia Today. During the interview they addressed a recent article by German paper ‘Bild’, in which they accused Oleg of being a Kremlin asset, something we’ve seen supported by both his actions and the network of friends he surrounds himself with. In his interview with RT he obviously denied such claims and tried to justify his actions, but I’m sure we all can see past those lies. Over the next few weeks we’d like to take a dive into Oleg’s circle of friends and highlight the problematic relationships he’s establish that continue helping him avoid any punishment in the Ukraine while further promoting Russia’s agenda and insulating himself with Neo-Nazi and white supremacist communities. Stay tuned!

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