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Putin announces “99%” of civilians want to join him– when he has a gun pointed at their head. If at first they don’t secede, bomb, bomb again.
A Dnipro city bus center was one of the targets of a Russian air raid on civilians.

Today, Putin signed off on “independence decrees” from Kherson and Zaporizhzia, two the four regions where a forced and false referendum took place, announcing that Ukrainians in those areas voted to join Russia – by 99%. Meanwhile, civilian reports from Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, say they were forced to vote at gunpoint by invading Russian soldiers. Then, Russia proceeded to bomb these very same areas that supposedly have all but 1% of his support. It is not possible to believe that massacring civilians would lead to a 99% vote to join the country sending those missiles. Details on these airstrikes, and Kyiv’s response, below.


  • Russia attacks civilian convoy in Zaporizhzhia, at least 25 dead, dozens injured.

Missiles were launched at a civilian convoy in the Russian occupied region of Zaporizhzhia. Authorities said the convoy was traveling into the region to pick up their relatives and deliver humanitarian aid following the announcement that the territory would be annexed by Russia. Survivors of the attack report chaos and bloodshed:

“We got out to see what number we had in the queue, then the first rocket hit, behind the wagons,” said Kateryna Holoborod, one of the survivors of the strikes. “We dropped to the ground. Then the second one hit in the centre of the queue. There was glass everywhere, people screaming and running. I don’t remember much. It was very scary. I then got up to see what happened, help the injured. I tried to help an injured young man when the third explosion happened.”

A crater in the ground beside the convoy where missiles killed 25 civilians going to pick up their loved ones from Russian-held territories.

Dnipro air-raided: Children among civilians killed

Late on the night of September 29, Russia conducted air raids on civilians in Dnipro, killing 2 adults, 2 children, and wounding 18 others.

Ukraine submits ‘accelerated’ application to NATO

In response to Putin’s ruthless power grab with sham voting in four of his regions, Kyiv has submitted an “accelerated” NATO application. Ukraine Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, confirmed the formal application with a picture of himself, Zelenksyy, and Speaker of Parliment Rufan Stefanchuk. 

“[Ukraine] is defending democracy, the principles of freedom and the entire civilized world. Ukraine has proven that we are a worthy and reliable ally,” Shmyal said.

Following the attacks in Zaporizhzia and Dnipro, Zelenskyy said he would vow to punish Putin for, “”every lost Ukrainian life.”


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