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Lessons From A Humble Doll


SARFAN fans! We’ve got another user submission brought to life by our talented artists. This time, we take a look at the traditional Matryoshka doll, or the Russian nesting doll as some of our readers might be familiar with. On the outside is typically a matronly Russian mother, a babushka, and subsequently smaller similar figures on the inside. However, like the Russia of today, these dolls hold nefarious secrets once you scratch the surface. Much like our namesake: Scratch A Russian, Find A Nazi. We see the Russian government overtly try to distance themselves from these neo-nazi extremists, painting them as fringe groups not representative of the Russian people. Despite this, they continue employing them and rallying them in their private military groups and sending them overseas where they can do their dirty work while at the same time acting like they have no idea what these neo-nazis are doing. It’s a vile hypocrisy that we need to point out and draw attention to.

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