Lavrov’s Lies: False Justifications for the Invasion of Ukraine

In a pre-recorded address that seems more Orwellian than real, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov tried to play the blame game to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Lavrov cited the United States and its allies and their support of the ‘neo-Nazi’ regime in Kyiv as the impetus for Russia’s unsolicited attack on their neighbor. As the message justifying their unprovoked attack played to the U.N. Human Rights Council, the members all rose and departed from the chamber in a moment of solidarity protesting Russia’s invasion and their failed attempts at vindicating their actions.

Russian attack on a residential area in Borodyanka

Russia has made several claims to try and reason their way into this invasion. They are protecting inhabitants in Ukraine, they are attacking a neo-Nazi regime, they are taking back land that was rightfully theirs. They are willing to say whatever they need to mitigate the backlash from the world for their ceaseless aggression. Prior to the invasion, they attempted to control the narrative revolving around Ukraine and the eastern occupied areas, where they had been leading and supply rebels that had been attacking Ukraine for years.

How Russia protects inhabitants: Ceaseless shelling of residential areas with an estimated 2,000 civilians killed

Everyone could see the writing on the walls and yet many nations stood by and allowed Russia to conduct their invasion almost unopposed except for some harsh rhetoric. Now we see the costs of this complacency. Russia is committing war crimes, carelessly bombing non-military targets and killing civilians and other non-combatants. If their goal was to truly ‘protect’ the inhabitants of Ukraine, why would they then launch these bloody attacks killing more civilians and damaging important infrastructure necessary for people to live peaceful lives? We can not continue to let Russia drive the narrative and spin things in their favor. We finally see the international community rallying together, but it might be a case of too little and too late. As the war unfolds, we can only hope things are resolved quickly so that the people of Ukraine don’t continue to suffer at the hands of Russia.

SARFAN Community, this invasion and aggression by Russia is something we’ve been worried about and tried to draw attention to since our inception. We have discussed how Russia leverages their domestic neo-Nazis in their foreign private military groups, how they constantly seek to invade and occupy countries to satiate their endless greed and blood lust, and now we see them invading Ukraine with no regard to the lives they end. We must remain vigilant in the face of Russia’s evil actions, and do what we can to help Ukraine. We all have friends and family who are victims to Russia’s invasion, I myself have both in Kharkiv where they are bravely fighting back and defending their city and country. I am proud of their actions and know my work will never amount to theirs, but I hope we can help in some way. Stay safe everyone.


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