Is this Berlin Activist a Kremlin Agent? – The Developing Case of Oleg Muzyka

An exploration by a German newspaper on Oleg Muzyka and his relations to the Kremlin while conducting a propaganda interview for RT.

Hello again to the SARFAN community, today we’re teasing a bit of a special entry we are working on. Many thanks go to our readers in Germany who reached out to us with the recent Bild and RT articles featuring Oleg Muzyka, and providing some translations for us! Danke schoen! The articles themselves make some interesting allegations that should come as no surprise to us. The Bild article immediately asked a rhetorical question, “Is this Berlin Activist a Kremlin Agent?”. They then outlined their case succinctly. They assert that Oleg is funded by the Kremlin and flies to Moscow frequently, likely to meet with handlers and discuss work. Bild brings up his questionable organisation which we’ve also done in the past, because the Global Rights of Peaceful People (GROPP) is very likely supported and funded by the Kremlin as well. How can a man so blatantly working for the Kremlin and pushing the agenda of Russia seek asylum in Germany while Ukraine suffers in their struggle against Russia? All of this doesn’t even take into consideration the groups Oleg has willing surrounded himself with. Oleg has been ingratiating himself with neo-nazi groups and individuals known for abusing asylum seekers and having violent protests. We think Bild made good assertions regarding Oleg and his associations and we hope more outlets continue to uncover these sorts of individuals who knowingly promote hate and undermine the safety of innocent communities.

Is this Berlin Activity a Kremlin Agent? Very likely yes, thank you for asking.Is this Berlin Activity a Kremlin Agent? Very likely yes, thank you for asking.

Is this Berlin Activity a Kremlin Agent? Very likely yes, thank you for asking.

Following the article, one might seek to set the record straight. So what exactly did Oleg do to try and clear his name? Well he immediately sat down for an interview with the notoriously unbiased RT to address the accusations against him. We’ll be exploring that article shortly and hope you all enjoy the break down. Stay tuned for more updates concerning this interesting individual and his worrisome associates. As always, please reach out to us if you have any suspicions of neo-nazi activity and we’ll do our best to root it out and make it known! Stay safe everyone.


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