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Our first look at Oleg Muzyka and his puppet NGO for the Russian government and their efforts to undermine the MH-17 investigation and any other Russian crimes.

As we try and develop our content here at SARFAN, we’re exploring different types of entries to help get our message across. Below is an example of the types of people we see using their connections to push their personal agenda while avoiding any repercussions for their actions. We hope to continue highlighting people like this and hope it helps make a difference. As always, we encourage our readers to be vigilant and reach out to us whenever possible so that people like this can be held accountable for their actions. If you enjoy these types of articles, then please let us know!

Oleg Muzyka, The Fleeing CriminalOleg Muzyka, The Fleeing Criminal

Oleg Muzyka, The Fleeing Criminal

A Vile Tragedy

On May 2, 2014, anti-Maidan (pro-Russia) activists attacked a pro-unity (pro-Ukraine) march in the center of Odessa. The pro-Russia activists carried large amounts of Molotov cocktails into the Trade Union building. Both sides hurled Molotov cocktails at each other and eventually the Trade Union building burned down, which resulted in a fire that killed 42 people.

A Russian loyalist, Oleg Muzyka, was arrested in the Trade Union building after the fire and claims the fire was initiated by Neo-Nazi Fascists with U.S. support. Since then Muzyka has traveled throughout Europe to promote this conspiracy theory, which has gathered a huge following. Muzyka fled to Germany in the summer of 2014. Before that, shortly after the Maidan revolution, he had tried to erect “Novorossiya” (the imperial-era name for Eastern Ukraine) to further expand Moscow’s control of the region. The attempt failed despite massive help from Russian intelligence – and Ukrainian nationalists almost killed Muzyka. He has sought asylum in Germany, but during his time in Germany, we have begun to notice his true identity.

Faux NGO

“Global Rights of Peaceful People” (GROPP) was founded by Muzyka and his colleagues in 2015. The goal of the organization is to “destroy the information blockade of the Western media on the situation in Ukraine”. To this end, the organization holds vigils against the “neo-fascist” government in Kiev, participates in demonstrations against NATO, and publishes political contributions on YouTube. GROPP also organizes conferences to transport the political message. The NGO maintains close contract with Kremlin-affiliated groups such as the “Night Wolves” and allegedly Kremlin-owned organs.

Suspicious Social Networks

Muzyka’s group-lists on his profiles are illustrative of his strong pro-Russia tendencies and include groups such as “Putin’s Friends Club” and “Putin’s Team Online”. He also follows numerous official Russia media outlets, including official Kremlin news and Twitter feeds. Of note as a possible window into the specific Russian parties with which he sympathizes, Muzyka follows the Twitter feeds of both former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia – a group which is socially conservative, nationalist, economically interventionist, and tends to vote in line with the ruling Russian party. Muzyka also follows Gennady Zyuganov, head of Russia’s Communist Party. Zyuganov adheres to the same anti-homosexual, anti-Western liberalism, intense Russian nationalist agenda that seem to be common themes in Muzyka’s social media followings.

Muzyka’s Instagram account includes videos and pictures from a June 2019 event in Moscow and an August 2017 event in Germany involving the violent, anti-LGBT, misogynist, Russian nationalist motorcycle gang we mentioned earlier, the “Night Wolves”, widely believed to be a Russian government-proxy group. The account also includes video from an August 17, 2017 anti-NATO protest in Berlin, as well as a photo of Muzyka speaking at a likely Russian Orthodox Church event.

Like-minded Contacts

Muzyka also has close contacts to the Reichsbürger movement, which is notoriously xenophobic and anti-Muslim and believes that the U.S. occupies and controls. In particular, Muzyka is associated with Carsten Halffter, who is involved in the Reichsbürger movement and known for organizating anti-Semetic demonstrations. The content of Halffter’s Twitter account (@papa_carschten) includes themes that are consistent with querfront ideology (anti-Western leftist views) and includes content similar to Russian amplification channels (supportive of friendship with Russia, stories on the Night Wolves, RT content). The Reichsbürger movement includes a variety of ideologies, ranging from general paranoid conspiracy theories to hard-right radicalism. Therefore, Muzyka’s affiliation with adherents of this ideology does not necessarily imply hard-right neo-Nazi views but is consistent with Russian messages.

How can someone speak so badly about others, while fully supporting Neo-Nazi ideology? Furthermore, how can Germany help Muzyka and provide him asylum status when he harkens to the dark past of Germany, propagating ideologies that Adolf Hitler once spoke of? Please share this information so people can learn about Muzyka’s actions, and maybe he’ll get sent back to Ukraine and be held accountable for his actions in 2014.




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