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Alexei Milchakov, Free as a Bird


Alexei Milchakov, Smiling and Enjoying an Interview

Alexei Milchakov, Smiling and Enjoying an Interview

SARFAN fans! Today we take a look at a war criminal we’ve covered in the past, just further shining a light on how odd it is that he’s free and enjoying life and held unaccountable for his actions. As we have said before he is just another mouthpiece for Russian propaganda, wearing a nice suit, speaking at conferences, admitting to his war crimes and laughing. He’s having a good time conducting interviews and engaging in banter about these tragedies he’s participated in, he’s also claimed that he has no morale limit, so what can you expect from a militant hatemonger like this in the future? He was even called the ‘salt of the Earth’ by oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev. How are people actively endorsing this monster? It’s odd to say the least, and a frightening indication of how little we can do to keep these monsters at bay. Our hope with SARFAN is to continue informing others of these people and their militant hate groups so that maybe we can stop future tragedies from occurring and eventually hold these groups and their enablers accountable. It feels weird to end this somber post in the same way we always do, but we hope you readers will continue to stay informed, be say, and reach out to us if you have any ideas you’d like us to dig into.

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