A Putin Family Photo

Let’s just say the Russian in this image is quite inappropriate.

Young Putin and Adolf Aloisovich.Young Putin and Adolf Aloisovich.

Young Putin and Adolf Aloisovich.

SARFAN Fans, as always we appreciate your content and submissions, and today we have one from a friend of ours in Russia. They mentioned it was a Putin family photo, with a young Vladimir and his grandfather. In it, Aloisovich, as the mustached hate monger is sometimes called, is embracing Putin and using a colorful kinship term that we won’t translate here. While we’re being cheeky here, we all know that Putin’s relationship to the dangerous ideology that Hitler represents is a serious concern to say the least. In fact we think we trying to point out this problematic relationship with neo-Nazis and their hateful ideology is one of the main jobs of our community. We can not continue to standby while Putin, the Kremlin, the GRU, and their entire state apparatus continue to cozy up to these hate groups in order to use them in devious ways, launching proxy wars overseas and disrupting communities all over the globe. Hopefully this humorous image conveys that, and if not, at least it’s a funny meme.


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